Vendor Registration
Vendor Registration

At SAMREF, our goal is establish a strong partnership with the best of both local and international suppliers and service providers, we aim to build the gold standard of approved vendor list.
With companies who are in the mutual business of building on innovative thinking and exceeding expectations through competitive pricing and prompt deliverables.

Thank you for your interest in registering your company with SAMREF. Prior registration with SAMREF you are required to submit a registration request through SAP Ariba (where you will provide basic contact information, company profile and list of work experiences) after reviewing the request and we determine vendors’ capabilities in work performance and supply deliverables we will start the registration formalities.

In case you need any assistance please contact

For service providers
Adel Alshammari
Tel: +966-14-396-4249

For material suppliers
Hani Othman
Tel: +966-14-396-4570

Supplier Registration